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Hey, friends! I’m Melinda and I am delighted you discovered my site.

Make yourself at home and hang out for a while.

Here’s a little nugget you should know about me – I LOVE people, including YOU, you rascal!

I love how each person I meet IS a beautiful story, a fascinating read; complex, weathered, tear-stained, and washed in the color of hope. Each story has rugged edges, dark chapters, and torn pages yet is heavy laden with tremendous power when we realize a few things – 1) We are loveable just as we are, 2) We are not alone in our struggles despite how dark they may be, 3) We are created with a unique purpose and freedom to change our worlds through the beauty of our story.

Your story is my passion.

Empowering you to be a freaking awesome friend, a lifeforce of love in your workplace, neighborhood, and home, as well as a courageous leader in your sphere of influence – this is my purpose in life.

Every resource I provide is an invitation to grow in some way. This site is always changing so please check back regularly.

Your’s Truly (for reals!),

Melinda Adair

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A Little About Melinda

Melinda is a Central Oregon native who has a passion to empower others to recognize and live out their value in their homes, workplaces, and communities specifically within the context of relationships. Melinda has had the tremendous honor of working within dynamic team settings in a variety of settings and thrives when facilitating friendship or leadership-centered workshops.

Melinda is the Chief Shenaniganizer (aka ‘Owner/Operator’) for The Friendship Revolution, LLC, a company dedicated to ‘Helping People Build Freaking Awesome Friendships’ through social media platforms, private discussion groups, and an exclusive box membership called, Party of 8.

Melinda currently resides in Richland, Washington where she wrangles her three teen sons (when they’re home), zips down neighborhood dirt trails on her mountain bike, and binges on popcorn while cuddling her two furry beasts (dogs), Zeus and Teddy.


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The 20’s Will Roar Again

Here’s my prediction for what lies ahead: The 20’s will roar again. I believe this decade will open doors of discussion that have never been opened before. We will savor the lessons learned, the depth and the fullness of aged wine, quickly recognize

National Sons Day

Like any parent, I desire the absolute best for my kids which often translates to expecting them to be the very best versions of themselves. But we all know what happens when we place expectations on a situation or person. “Blessed is the man who expects nothing for he shall never be disappointed.”

Staring Down our Shame

The situations were wildly different as were the intentions behind the actions that resulted in the phone calls home and yet both situations resulted in feelings of embarrassment, helplessness, and some shame. The boys had different responses to their situations but what boggled them most was what they should do next and how they should feel moving forward.

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