Driving in Circles

I hate roundabouts. Seriously. And I hate them more with my 15 year-old behind the wheel.

While the concepts of safer intersections, continuously flowing traffic, and aesthetically pleasing streets are all smart-genius even- roundabouts tend to bring out the worst in drivers. The obnoxious, the oblivious, and the delirious. That last trait probably just belongs to me. Well, maybe it would also apply to the other 50 million other sleep-deprived mothers trying to get from Point A to Point B , then to C, D, and E safely while conversing with their kids about relationship drama.

And for kicks and giggles, let’s throw in some roundabouts. Better yet – a couple roundabouts that are connected like pretzels. Then the party has started…

As shocking as it may be, when my son is behind the wheel, I tend to talk him through the driving process, we discuss different scenarios, and I share various perspectives. He’s a great listener – he has to be otherwise he’ll find himself in the passenger seat. And I may not talk the entire time but probably a solid 90% of the time. This uses up a huge percentage of my allotted daily words. I don’t have the average female quota of 28 bazillion words, thus I’m emotionally exhausted after a drive. A lot of words can be said in ten miles!

Hey, I want him to be safe! And this ‘driver’s permit’ shenanigan is serious business!

My son is driving a killing machine!

My plumb line of sanity has been the never-changing golden rule: Love God and love others.

Allow your pride to die, over and over, or it could kill you in one moment of ‘showing off’.

Even if you have the right of way, don’t fight for it. Allow it to happen.

There’s great power in yielding. The alternative could be devastating.

Be gracious and always looking out for the best interests of other drivers as well as passengers in your car. Those people are someone’s sons and daughters – highly loved and valued!

Gain and keep a reputation of being a solid and respectable driver. This speaks volumes to a future girlfriend’s parents!

Don’t take it personally. The other person may have had a bad day. A bad year. Or be in a bad relationship.

Ask yourself the question: “If someone followed me for three miles, what would they learn about my character as a person?”

Slow down and take in the world around you. There’s much to see.

And when it comes to roundabouts -the same advice can be applied to life- keep your eyes wide open, your mind sharp, and be ready for action at all times.

…hmmm. I should probably work on my driving.