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The 20’s Will Roar Again

Here’s my prediction for what lies ahead: The 20’s will roar again. I believe this decade will open doors of discussion that have never been opened before. We will savor the lessons learned, the depth and the fullness of aged wine, quickly recognize

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National Sons Day

Like any parent, I desire the absolute best for my kids which often translates to expecting them to be the very best versions of themselves. But we all know what happens when we place expectations on a situation or person. “Blessed is the man who expects nothing for he shall never be disappointed.”

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Staring Down our Shame

The situations were wildly different as were the intentions behind the actions that resulted in the phone calls home and yet both situations resulted in feelings of embarrassment, helplessness, and some shame. The boys had different responses to their situations but what boggled them most was what they should do next and how they should feel moving forward.

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Refusing Mommy Martyrdom

Today is Mother’s Day. While we imagine that moms around the world are being served breakfast in bed, are receiving kisses from their perfect children, and are having the time of their lives skipping through meadows of daisies, life doesn’t really work that way. While blessings abound in unique and colorful ways, we have the freedom to release envy and idealism. Besides, it's too early in the year for daisies.

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Launching Imperfect Children

As a mother to three boys, I’ve always envisioned sending three mature, independent, strong, and whole young men out into the world, one-by-one as they turn 18, to be all they can be. I’m not quite sure how I would define whole other than complete and not lacking. Perfection, really. My vision is slowly crumbling as my beautiful sons get older.

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Driving in Circles

My plumb line of sanity has been the never-changing golden rule: Love God and love others. Allow your pride to die, over and over, or it could kill you in one moment of ‘showing off’. Even if you have the right of way, don’t fight for it. Allow it to happen. There’s great power in yielding. The alternative could be devastating.

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