Personal Endorsements

Melissa Abel

As I awoke from the dark abyss of losing my little girl & being exhausted from birthing 4 boys in 4 years, I hesitantly attended a conference that unbeknownst to me, turned out to be pivotal in my life. The conference featured a dynamic speaker, Mel Adair. When Mel entered the room, her energy was contagious. She was poised in truth, full of joy, and spoke in honesty that melted us all. Mel connected not only with the group but had a gift of empowering us to connect with one another. She lit the room up! Strangers became friends, friends became closer as we listened to Mel speak on the importance of relationship and love. Mel has an amazing gift; she has this light and energy that invigorates everyone in the room, uplifting them beyond just surviving but daring them to thrive in all their messiness and exhaustion. We left the conference wanting to be our best, to give our best, and do our best.

Kendra Kinlock

Melinda’s speaking style is engaging, humorous and applicable to any stage of life! Melinda makes you feel loved and important, even if you are in a crowd!